High Pressure Power Washers

Campion Mechanical & Electrical Engineering’s selection of power washers are recognisable by their extraordinary high quality, modern design, long service life and their high efficiency. Our range consists of power washers that are suited
to washing small cars to bigger, more powerful units used in industrial situations.
Integrated hose drum.
Delayed motor cut-out.
Safety cut-out.
Float valve to control water inlet.
Provides hot or cold water.
Technical advantages of
Campion’s range:
Stainless Steel micrometer.
Adjustable pressure control.
Brass pump head.
Valve sets made of Stainless Steel
Environmental protection is an important issue here at
Campion Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, so with our
power washers the available pressure is optimally adapted to
the flow rate of the water, thus effectively reducing the
overall consumption of water and energy, but still giving
maximum cleaning effect.

The picture to the right is a fully automated power washer unit.
This is manufactured by  Campion Mechanical & Electrical
Engineering, using high quality Stainless Steel. The system will
automatically stop/start based on the position of the hose reel
valve. There is also a built in loss of water system to protect
the pump in the event of incoming water failure. This system is
ideal as a wash-down storage unit for farms and factories or
waste water plants.

At Campion Mechanical &
Electrical Engineering we have a
dedicated after-sales team to
assist with service
and repair.
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